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We work with data to empower projects that create a positive impact. We believe that the same tools and techniques that drive followers in social media, analyze consumer behavior to boost sales or recommendation systems can be used to improve people’s lives, health, education and the environment.

So, we are developing a wide range of solutions. From systems that monitor the state of a problem in real-time through sensor data to more complex analysis that allows automatic detection of relevant topics in a text or areas in images and videos that can help automate processes or reveal insights otherwise hidden. 

These are just some examples of the endless possibilities that data-driven solutions can have to support change-makers. 

We believe that adding our team’s experience and knowledge to the organization’s expertise in the field, can boost positive change.

Founding Team

Maru Aran (she/her) worked as a data analyst and data scientist for 9 years in a wide range of tech companies such as Cisco, Movistar and Mercado Libre. She has a BA in International Commerce (UB),  a Master’s degree in Economics (UBA) and a Specialization in Data Science (ITBA).

After being a fellow in the Data Science for Social Good program ( Warwick University – Alan Turing Institute) she decided to work on projects that use technology to boost positive impact. 

As an independent consultant for social good projects, she worked with Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Wild Bird Trust, Hospital Britanico, La Nación, Fundacion Trauma, etc. helping them leverage impact through data solutions in projects that impacted different areas such as health and wellbeing, gender equality, stronger institutions and environmental conservation. 

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Pablo Tempone (he), worked as a consultant, analyst and data scientist for 11 years in different companies. He studied Information Systems (UBA), went through different areas of development until he found his passion in data and its use to solve problems. He completed a Master’s Degree in Data Mining (UBA) and a MBA (UCEMA)..

He was a Data Science teacher for 2 years.

After working in various industries such as Banking, Telecommunications, Retail, he decided it was time to turn his knowledge into projects that have a positive impact on society.

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Together, they found Data Impacta to apply data science to the problems that matter. 


Smart Data

Maria Ines Aran (ella/she/her) participated in the Smart Data panel in La Nacion: “…data by itself does not solve any problem. She stressed that it is not

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