Alternative transport project

We had the opportunity to work with data from projects to transform railways into alternative transport routes for cyclists and pedestrians.In the United States, different initiatives are carried out at the municipal and state level to transform railway tracks into green spaces that encourage the circulation of bicycles, people and promote outdoor activities. Since 1992, […]

Smart Data

Maria Ines Aran (ella/she/her) participated in the Smart Data panel in La Nacion: “…data by itself does not solve any problem. She stressed that it is not the data that solves things, but the people who rely on them; note that due to the large volume of data, processing and cleaning is required, and she said that […]

Hydrological Water Monitoring Project

We are pleased to share our Hydrological Water Monitoring Project, together with Wild Bird Trust team, National Geographic conservation project and Into the Okavango. The project collects environmental data through sensors at strategic points along the basin, this data is then live-streamed and transformed into insights through the various dashboards using technologies such as Google Cloud, Big Query, Python […]